luni, 29 iulie 2013

Diy Inspiration

     For sometime I wanted to make a tutorial but somehow I didn't have enough time to prepare or my inspiration mood wasn't there when I need it. But last Friday, while I was reorganizing my study desk I thought to myself that this empty wall in front of my desk surely needs a picture or a print...I remembered that I have some old frames that could fill up this empty space. I took some paint(I've chosen white paint but you can go buy any color you like or to make it easier and less messy try it with paint sprayer) and give it a new look to my frame.
   Here is step by step tutorial. You will need :
- old frames
- wood paint/ paint sprayer
- brush paint
     Step 1 : Remove original photos or prints and cut the hanging wires that may show when hung and prepare them for paint

Step 2 : Paint 1 coat of white paint and let it dry for a while

It may take sometime :)

Step 3 :  Paint another coat and let it dry overnight then you can add picture hooks to the back of the frame for hanging. Be sure they are in the middle :)

Step 4 : Hung them on the wall or you can add some pictures.
   I'm plannig to put a few more and start a wall gallery soon. But for now I'm thinking to paint my wall in white just to give it a nice touch and effect.
   That's it for now. Hope to come back with more tutorials 'cause these days I think I've been hit by the moon :))
   For more tutorials you can go to Pinterest or Tumblr

miercuri, 3 iulie 2013

Vintage in my eyes

Rochie din brocart ivoire anii' 50
Sursa : VintageWardrobe

      Incercarea disperata de a gasi un subiect demn de postat, a esuat..."Thoughts don't come went you need them".Asa ca mi-am aprins o tigara, trecand pe langa tv am tras cu ochiul la cateva headlines-uri ..."Ne pregatim sa sarbatorim 4 iulie,nu in America, ci aici la Bucuresti,ne anunta Ponta, Egiptul in punctul de a porni un razboi civil,Nelson Mandela in stare critica."Pana aici nimic ce ar putea sa ma ajute...
   Am ezitat pret de cateva minute daca sa reimprospatez lista de bloguri cu haine vintage, lucru care a mai fost postat si de alte site-uri sau publicatii de fashion dar m-am gandit "what the hell?", in ultimul timp chiar am facut rasfoit pagini intregi cu hainute diafane,am deschis cufere pline cu minunatii, am trecut in revista pantofi , rochite retro, sacouri si accesorii unicat la preturi incredibil de mici si as putea sa le impartasesc aici. Este imposibil sa nu te uite Dumnezeu in fata monitorului cand ti se dezvaluie o astfel de lume :)

   Am facut un  research si o triere si  iata cateva bloguri romanesti de unde iti poti achizitiona produse vintage. Stocul este reinnoit in permanenta .Sigur vei gasi ceva pe gustul tau.
Spor la cumparaturi!

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miercuri, 9 ianuarie 2013

Tea in 7 new fashionable ways

Tea is an aromatic beverage commonly prepared by pouring hot or boiling water over cured leaves of the tea plant, Camellia sinensis. After water  tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world.

It’s pretty well established that the compounds in tea – their flavonoids – are good for the heart and may reduce anxiety, tiredness, give energy and have less caffeine.
Made from herbs, fruits, seeds, or roots steeped in hot water, herbal teas have lower concentrations of antioxidants than green, white, black, and oolong teas. Their chemical compositions vary widely depending on the plant used.
Tea is awesome for your heart but why not pay attention to the tea bags. Over the years, designers tryed to make not only the tea cup looking fancy but they've discovered a new way to make tea bags looking fashionable, funny and much more attractive and desirable for buyers (if i can say so). Here are some ideas.
Pret-a-porter tea bags illustrating Lagerfeld,Donatella Versace,J.P. Gaultier

Tea Forte leaf bags :)

Small boats in your tea

Jus a T bag, please

Walking stick tea bag

My absolutely favourite
This creative origami tea bags packed like origami birds 
are by a russian designer Natalia Ponomareva

duminică, 6 ianuarie 2013


vineri, 14 decembrie 2012

B.H.L fragances

Pentru ca tot sunt la capitolul parfumuri, a girl should never say "stop" to perfums, am descoperit, in mersul meu haotic pe internet, ceva NOU, ceva VECHI, ceva IMPRUMUTAT si ceva care sa nu te faca sa devii ALBASTRU :)
The Brain,the Heart and the Lungs :)
Cine nu-si doreste un pic mai mult romantism si o buna functionare a inimii? Tocmai de aceea - Heart- ascunde in sticluta esente de iasomie si lemn de santal. Chair daca esti fumator sau ,din contra, iti place sa simti mirosul de eucalipt si lamaie - Lungs - este potrivit pentru asa ceva :) Iar -Brain - atat de esential pentru memorie, amintiri, pentru centrul vorbirii, locomotor, sistemul limbic, cortex, neocortex, hipocamp, hipotalamuls, diencefal, talamus, subtalamus, epitalamus,cerebel, telencefal, metatalamus (daca am omis vreo bucatica anatomica din creierul uman - imi pare rau - o sa reiau cursul de anatomie :)) si cum putem sa stimulam acest organ vital decat cu esente de bergamota si rozmarin.

marți, 11 decembrie 2012

I'm doing this only to heal myself

"Dear Younger Self,

    I’m writing you this letter fully knowing that you’re going to think everything I’m about tell you is complete bullshi#$# because you are just a scared shitl#$#ss ego-driven kid who is out to conquer the world.
First you should know that your plans to conquer the world are not going to happen. Fortunately some much better things are in store for you, but you’re too blinded by your own ambition to see that right now. Unfortunately your highly addictive,obsessive, and extreme personality is  not going to go away.   Fortunately, once you learn to harness it, it will lead you from a rather self destructive path to a highly productive one.
   The die hard romantic in you will die. You’ll stop believing the love that you hear about in music lyrics, and the love you see in movie scenes. You’ll become cynical, jaded, convince yourself you’re in love, break two hearts and in the end find yourself in a place that’s rather empty. Fortunately, after all that you’ll have a wake up call and come to the profound realization that there is a MASSIVE difference between settling and settling down, only because on some level you you still believe in the crazy love  of music lyrics and movie scenes.
Jobs will come and go, and your career is going to be a somewhat disastrous uphill battle.
  But in all this misfortune you’ll find some great fortune when you finally to start to realize it all happens the way it was supposed to. In many ways your life will be like the second wave in a set (you’ll only understand when you get there). Second waves in a set somehow are always a bigger more adventurous ride. Everybody goes for the first, and most of your friends will make it on the first wave. They’ll fall in love, get married and have kids before you do.  But, just know that the second wave is grand and more often than not is a hell of a ride.
  For the love of god, don’t make such a big deal out of small things. It’s going to be the cause of IBS, ADHD and uphill career battles. The traffic jams, telephone bills and people that get in your way are just a test of your patience and your ability to deal with them. Unfortunately you’ll fail this test over and over again. Fortunately, the failure will leave you with many valuable life lessons. Your greatest weaknesses will actually turn out to be your greatest strengths. I know it’s a tough one to swallow,  but it’s only upon that realization I’ve been able to start turning things around.
  Life will be nothing you like you had imagined. I’ll just say that it will be A  THOUSAND TIMES better. It’s going to take a series of failures, 8 in particular for any of what I’m talking about to make sense and every one of them will make you feel like you’re continually on the verge impending doom. Fortunately the pursuit of being stoked for life will actually save you, even though google puts you as the second search result   for “surfing ruined my life.” Life will continue to throw curve balls at you and to this day it still does. If I could tell you one thing it would be that life isn’t about what happens to you, but how you react to it all. I’d like to say “If I knew what I know now” when I was your age, but I wouldn’t know any of what I know now without having gone through everything above.  So accept the journey as is and let it take its course." 

Forului meu....m-am iertat pentru toate invinovatirile, voite sau nevoite, m-am iertat pentru toate gandurile nespuse, pentru emotiile dinaintea fiecarui examen, fiecarui interviu, m-am iertat pentru lacrimile inutile varsate ale mamei, ale bunicii, m-am iertat pentru toate tipele ce au innegrit peretii, pentru toate filmele nevazute si subapreciate, pentru toate florile ce nu le-am cumparat

sâmbătă, 8 decembrie 2012


Baccarat Collection a.k.a 6800 $

This one is a "Dear Santa" for my best friend