luni, 29 iulie 2013

Diy Inspiration

     For sometime I wanted to make a tutorial but somehow I didn't have enough time to prepare or my inspiration mood wasn't there when I need it. But last Friday, while I was reorganizing my study desk I thought to myself that this empty wall in front of my desk surely needs a picture or a print...I remembered that I have some old frames that could fill up this empty space. I took some paint(I've chosen white paint but you can go buy any color you like or to make it easier and less messy try it with paint sprayer) and give it a new look to my frame.
   Here is step by step tutorial. You will need :
- old frames
- wood paint/ paint sprayer
- brush paint
     Step 1 : Remove original photos or prints and cut the hanging wires that may show when hung and prepare them for paint

Step 2 : Paint 1 coat of white paint and let it dry for a while

It may take sometime :)

Step 3 :  Paint another coat and let it dry overnight then you can add picture hooks to the back of the frame for hanging. Be sure they are in the middle :)

Step 4 : Hung them on the wall or you can add some pictures.
   I'm plannig to put a few more and start a wall gallery soon. But for now I'm thinking to paint my wall in white just to give it a nice touch and effect.
   That's it for now. Hope to come back with more tutorials 'cause these days I think I've been hit by the moon :))
   For more tutorials you can go to Pinterest or Tumblr